Flight of the Butterflies Sensory Friendly

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Sunday July 8

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1:45 PM  –  2:30 PM

What is sensory friendly?  It’s a movie modified to be “friendlier” to the senses.

Changes to the environment and film experience include: dimmed but not turned off theater lights, lower volume, all movies in 2D, little to no trailers before the movie and handicapped access to theater.

Guests of all ages have the freedom to move around and make noise during the show, as well as bring in outside food and drink to suit their dietary needs!

A designated “chill out zone” is available outside of the theater featuring therapy dogs from the Quad Cities Canine Assistance Network to provide comfort for those attending.

ALL ticket prices will be $5 per person.


 Use discount code ASQC at checkout to receive the $5 price.